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Every retail space in Delhi NCR always remains in very much demand because it helps to scale the new heights of success in a very convenient way. Currently, Khan Market and Connaught Place are the main areas which are considered as India’s top most commercial spaces. According to the recent surveys, carried out by Cushman and Wakefield, it has been found that Capital City-Delhi always makes the respectable place in the list of top 10 and top 20 commercial centers across the world. Detailed reports confirm that leasing rates in Khan market, DLF Galleria and Connaught Place are the top ranker across the nation.

This figure also dominates the prices of commercial capital of Mumbai and IT capital of Bengaluru. If, we calculate the entire scenario in this regard then we found that L-zone in Dwarka would be the best bet to depend upon. Currently, this area is achieving great popularity with every next day and the implementation of Land Pooling Policy in zone also has drawn the investment of around 35000 crores from leading investors and builders.

All top notch experts suggest that it is great to possess the certified commercial space in Dwarka. This location is going to prove a big retail market in coming times. Never look at this statement with dubious eyes. Capital City of India-Delhi boasts a significant place when it comes to the population and business opportunities. Reportedly, Dwarka is going to become one of the most populous regions in the future. Additionally, certified commercial spaces must be needed to meet the shopping requirements of the residents.


If, price trends of this area is seen then it is found that price has seen 6% increase in the 2nd quarter of the Year 2016. This news becomes more significant in current situation because markets like South Extension and Greater Kailash-1 have not witnessed any kind of increase. On the other hand, situation confirms that requirements for malls and independent retail outlets is increasing on daily basis in Dwarka.

Showroom and retail outlet owners will feel delighted to know their business would never see the down side in revenue because Dwarka is the home to many highly ranked officials of Government & Private agencies and other elite-class families. On the basis of the reports, this number is increasing on daily basis. Therefore, future in this surrounding is going to become more promising. A single look on the growth chart of real estate market shows that current prices are already very high and soon they will touch the new heights. Dwarka is a kind of place where branded retail outlets will attract more customers in comparison with shopping malls.

Entire calculation behind this growth and development is quite easy and simple to understand. Capital City-Delhi is the best place across the nation as far as living conditions and business opportunities are concerned. And, Dwarka L-zone is the foremost strategic location within the capital. So. it is quite clear this area would offer great possibilities for new business minds. This is the specific factor that compels us to enter the market. Anyway, Revanta Plaza must help you in a highly professional manner. In a single visit, you must find the right space for your business ideas. Complete details are easily available online.

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