The Revanta Group is considered as the champion in CGHS format of residential units in Delhi Land Pooling zones. We have already offered excellent property bargains to people so that they can experience the standard life while living at their preferred zone of Delhi NCR. Few years back, it was difficult for middle class people to own the house in an around the capital city.

For being the best real state group of the nation, we take responsibility on our shoulder and currently we are working with some excellent plans. Due to our new schemes, dreams of every home seeker could be met with excellent housing options. Additionally, we are also considering excellent offers for commercial and retail spaces. Recently, we have taken a significant step in this regard with the incorporation of APS Revanta Developers.

Under the supervision of this wing, a large team of highly experienced technicians, architects and engineers is working upon Revanta Plaza in a strategic location of Dwarka L-zone. This news has ignited the spark in the area. It is also important for you to know this strategy is surely going to change the face of the real estate market. Every step, strategy and policy is well calculated so be assured of witnessing the significant change in coming times.


Master Plan Delhi 2021: The growth engine for the localities of Delhi NCR

Highly ranked officials of top agencies have laid out every rule and regulation of Delhi Master Plan-2021 in such a way that growth and development of Capital City could be put on the fast track to prepare for the future challenges. Most of the planning about the described schemes focuses on Dwarka L-zone. With the initial implementation of Land Pooling Policy, this zone has already set new benchmarks in the residential sector and it is also being said that government has taken the consideration for small sections of MPD-2021 for commercial and retail spaces.

It is such a great news for highly ambitious business minds to cheer that around 5% area of the total available space is available for commercial purposes under the flagship of Delhi Master Plan-2021. While keeping the growth and development of new residential area in mind, it has become very much clear that commercial space is also needed to meet the requirements of the people around. If entire scenario is calculated then it is found that 5% area is quite praiseworthy to deliver the satisfactory results.

Current details on 1st half of 2016

Rs. 39,244/- per sq. ft. is the basic price for a shop in Dwarka. When previous records and current market price are thoroughly calculated then it is found that it is a 28% hike on the rates of the year of 2015. On the other hand, leasing rates come down to 3% that stands on Rs.100/- per sq. ft.

As per the detailed reports, showrooms are the biggest gainers in current scenario. Obviously, there is no inventory available for sale within the area. If somebody is managing to find a leasing space than it requires Rs. 126/- per sq. ft. that stands on a 47% increment this year.


Studies have found that branded retail outlets have a great scope in Dwarka L-zone. Inventories would earn great respect from buyers when it comes to achieve the certified shop as the Revanta Plaza is going to prove the first ever business center in and around the entire area. The picture becomes more clear with the example that every business man found it of great use if gets the certified and strategically located shops on the ground floor.

Do not dream anymore about this as it has become a reality now. With the influx of Revanta Plaza, all you need doing to help yourselves is to make the immediate steps. You are supposed to not delay in this regard because shops are running out of stock with swift pace. If you would do so then it would compel to compromise with the less promising option even after spending a big amount of money.

It is a great reason to cheer that every shop is exquisitely designed with different sizes including 200, 300, 400 and 600 sq. ft. Just make the right choice according to your requirements & budget as well as get ready to enter the market with full confidence while running business from Ground, 1st or 2nd floor. Choice is all yours.

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